Workgroup: Public Spaces - Apr 28, 2011

Public Spaces small group notes 4 - 28

 - Components -
Protecting existing spaces

Creating new public spaces

 - Thoughts -
Current and new space Dynamics

Community space strengthens communities by creating a place for people to come together

people need space to assemble publicly: eat, sleep, store possessions, make music, socialize

There is insufficient space for people to publicly assemble

There are many regulations governing what people can do in public spaces

In public places, sometimes individuals need to be confronted and/or removed to maintain peace
 - How do we protect community space without calling the police?

Signs can help to regulate people's actions and also may provide an advantage in legal situations

How can new and existing public spaces become the most empowering for people?

How can we create public spaces for people without permanent residences?

The automobile and car culture prohibit critical mass
 - Use lots of space for roads
 - Leads to urban/suburban sprawl and unsustainable development patterns
 - Roads divide communities and can isolate neighborhoods

 - Strategies -
rethink space dynamics

grow a social movement through small actions

Reclaiming land
 - roads and parking lots
 - open space
 - private property

control the flow of information

direct actions

create a hierarchy for community safety

 - Actions and commitments -
Look at other models

Attend court hearings for peace camp

survey unused and underused land


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