New Workgroup Notes Apr 14th

Community Safety Workgroup

*Go around/ talk about vision
*"Feeling For The Edge"
*Facilitation/ notes
*Small groups
*Report back

One of the facilitators speaks about the premises of the workgroup:
*focused on definitive actions
*autonomous- not based on petitioning the legal structure
*collective process
*leaving space for each other

Feeling for the Edge of your Imagination: finding ways not to call the police

(from Imagine Alternatives)

Dear friends, family, acquaintances and people with whom I share house party dance floors and supermarket lines,

A few weeks ago, an acquaintance of mine attended a police lineup, pointed at someone, and sent them to jail or prison. Last night, a friend’s roommate called the cops about something happening outside, and the effect of that action was a young man getting tasered.

So I’ve decided to write you a letter. All of you, but especially those of you who, like myself and the two people mentioned above, are white and/or grew up middle class and/or didn’t grow up in NYC. I’m writing to you, also, if you’ve smiled your way out of a speeding ticket, if you’ve been most afraid of cops at mass protests, or if you generally feel safer when you see police around.

Workgroup: Crisis Response Team - Mar 31st, 2011

Facilitator reviewed the scope list that had been generated for this group at class one;
  • Alternative to 911
  • Phone tree
  • Triage skills – connections and resources
  • Emergency Health was decided to NOT be within the scope of CRT
Participants offered additions to scope:

New Workgroup Notes Mar 31st

Community Safety Workgroup – Free Skool Class
Notes from Thursday, March 31, SubRosa, 5-7PM
Notes by JM
About 10 participants

Facilitators Editorial
Last week's workgroup was great though under-attended.  Start thinking now who you'd like to invite to next Thursday's Community Safety Workgroup.  There is a lot to do to make our communities safer from police, from violence (internal and external), and from the gaping needs so often left unmet.  And we can't do it alone.  It will take a lot of help.  Please come and please bring two friends.