These are the shared premises of the class.  If you'd like to participate, this is the bottomline.

  • We share the premise:  Everyone desires safety and security (even if we disagree about strategy and threats to it)
  • You have a basic familiarity and comfort with the philosophy of anarchism which will serve you well here.
  • We want to work collaboratively. 
  • We are looking for solutions outside of institutional ones. We solve problems ourselves.
  • We are committed to transparency.  We document everything we do so others may learn from our process and replicate our work.
  • We are here to listen to each other.  We give each other space for people to talk and participate.  Step up, step back.  
  • We are committed to this effort.
  • We are here to act, not just talk.
  • What we are wanting is possible and desirable.