Workgroup: Food Security - Apr 14, 2011

Mission statement
To facilitate local food production and distribution while reinforcing the values of the community safety workgroup including autonomy, self reliance, and DIY.

How food security relates to Community safety

-Food security is related to community health; mental and physical
-Enabling people to meet their daily needs (food, space, community) makes them less likely to resort to crime (theft, blackmarket sales, solicitation) to meet those needs.
-Wasted Food (from restaurants and stores) represents a squandered resource that is easily utilized with community connections
-Poorly used land in cities and surrounding areas is a nuisance, while properly utilized land is a resource for the community

-Industrial and non local food production model increases the presence of highways - reducing transport of goods reduces the need for roads and therefore police and petroleum
-Free trade agreements create displaced people at home and abroad, producing food locally battles these agreements see:
-Many people in america need food assistance weekly See:
-Political turmoil can cause food scarcity that leads to food riots (there has been an ongoing global food crisis since 2008 see:

Related Agencies
Existing Community Gardens
 - Lighthouse
 - Trescony
 - Beach Flats
 - Neary lagoon
Homeless Garden Project
Food not Lawns

Reduce inequity in the community
Enable people to meet basic daily needs
Expand community gardening and farming
Start a local guerilla soup kitchen (possibly a Food Not Bombs)

Lack of existing spaces and facilities
Lack of community connections

Actions and commitments
Begin networking for a new Guerilla Soup Kitchen


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