New Workgroup Notes May 12th

action oriented this week
interests: successes, recent jail-visit, show people that we can do this, crisis response, connection to action, follow-through, excited about the group premises

that people feel safe, transparency of this group, and balance between these two. 

Quick review
premises: solutions outside institutional solutions; step-back, step--up
                     brief review of previous meetings

Introducing "phase zero"
get it out there, do something (especially when daunted by phase 1 of a plan)

phase zero check-ins (what have people already done to get these projects out there):  "barely anything,"
 resisted contacted the police,
contacted non-violent communication teacher,
contacted neighbors,
got involved in cop-watch,
figure out what our communities need,
communicated the processes and work of this group to others,
collectively brainstormed ways to avoid police intervention through communication,
tried to connect with neighbors,
collectively acknowledging difficulties of some of these projects,
assessing what the challenges are that we face,
research on legal challenges of some of these projects,
getting together with community/neighbors,
sent out email to rally people,
building framework to connect communities,
connecting and being present in the neighborhood in a genuine way.

facilitator- there are going to be barriers, but think about them as open-questions that can be returned to.

A Phase Zero brainstorm
For some of our small groups, what would Phase Zero look like?

Crisis response (crisis can be simple or extreme, non-medical): a phone list to share with friends, list of resources, a number on the website to call, scheduled NVC training, find resources for crisis handlin', KYR training,

Community Conectedness:  Saying "Hi", introduce, door to door, "Here's my number!, What do you need?"

Police: Share stories/successes/failures (e.g cop and jail experiences), know ur rights, cop watch (grassroots style), do follow-ups with those involved in a police interaction, find documentation on this topic, take photos

New Accountability: teach restorative justice, don't ignore it, ask questions, get info, talk to people, examine all possibilities, tell your story, let intentions of accountability be known, research other efforts

benefits of phase zero?  great, but let's stay connected!


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