Workgroup: Community Connectedness - Apr 28, 2011

* Review of action items
* Strategies
* Actions

How do we connect with other communities?
   - Through shared needs, shared resources, and/or shared threats.
Interestingly, we realized this is also how we connect with individuals within our community as well.

There are contested, threatened spaces all around us.
Some of the problems people bring to the sketchy places in our neighborhoods:
* drugs
* yelling
* trash
* police
* theft
* violence

Then we got to thinking, as anarchists, activists, and poor people in our communities, what do we do when we are perceived as the threat?
* Listen to concerns (w generosity)
* Ask/answer questions
* Make yourself available

We discussed how to approach people in our community.
Common concerns?
Unite around shared needs, resources, or threats?

Here are the actions we committed to in our own communities:

* Create a phone tree/list
* Organize a potluck/BBQ
* Organize housewarmings for new people in community
* Create community bulletin boards to share info/events
* Dialogue with neighborhood
* Talking to everyone within one block


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