Workgroup: Community Connectedness - Apr 14, 2011

* Mission Statement
* Review Past Actions
* Strategies
* Actions


How can communities connect with each other and to communities outside?
Why interested in this?
* we are societelly alienated
* connectedness = safety
* we want to find and build trust
* we want reliability
* confidentiality is important
* take anarchism to its logical conclusion: how link together
* local decentralized non-hierarchical
* work together

Mission Statement
"We desire to meaningfully connect with others within our communities and have our communities connected with other communities.  We want to be welcoming, inclusive, and willing to grow."
We wanted to check-in with others previously in this group.
Later one of those group members suggested the addition of "meaningfully"

We wanted to brainstorm strategies that we not only wanted to see happen, but were willing to put energy into.  We will try out our ideas in our communities and report back.

* phone list for neighbors
* host neighborhood event
    - with help from neighbors
* neighborhood project
* community meetings - productive ones
    - with potluck (or desert potluck yum!)


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