Workgroup: Crisis Response - Apr 14, 2011

Crisis Response Team

*talked about strategy/action examples from last week
*some discourse about whether or not we should have a mission statement
*questions about the extent of a transparent process whether that means we are disclosing our process to the police

Mission statement: "We want to create a safe, confidential, trusted & non-hierarchical system for addressing local conflicts and issues without involving police or external authorities, excepting in medical emergencies."

*...reads off a list of people trying to take care of other without police, all resulting in obstruction of justice charges.
*...discusses conducting research to circumvent drawing legal charges for making action without involving police.
*...suggest breaking the group into even smaller pieces to individually handle portions of this plan.
*...sharing of lawyer Ben Rice's contact for further research.
*...suggests going through an imaginary scenario, using it to figure out what infrastructure we don't have already.
*suggestion to start on time next time.


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