Workgroup: Community Connectedness May 26, 2011

[A focus on SubRosa as a community, with lots of levels of participation]

In the small group, members of the SR collective and non-members talked about community connectedness in this community.  We started by brainstorming our understanding of what's going on.  On a general level, some people don't like how it feels at the space.  We cited the drug dealing [on the nearby street], the reputation of the space that is connected with this, and feeling [overwhelmed] in the space as concerns.  This lead to questions of what is going on the flip side, i.e. what is good and welcoming at the space?  We deepening the conversation with open questions of what is anarchism, SR, and whether being a place to hang out is a part of being radical or not.  We agreed that SR is very open to interpretation, which is positive, but that being so open may let behavior happen that creates hostility. 

This led to action suggestions.  In the vein of connectedness, we thought having conversations and direct questions of the patrons might be a place to start.  More than this having forums to collaborate and describe SR, a la demystifying anarchism, would be insightful.  Also, thinking about the Spruce street milieu and possible ways to transform that space were discussed.  Two members committed to systematically engaging, observing and interacting with as many people as possible in order to understand the issue at a deeper level.  A third member committed to addending the open letter from SR to the community 

We ended with questions of do we underestimate SR?  Do people value it more than we think?  And asking about behavior in the space, what makes us happy, angry, scared, and/or sad? 


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