Workgroup: Community Connectedness Mar 17, 2011

Notes from the isolation small group on Mar 17. 2011

Larger Goals
-organize a neighborhood meeting to address the concerns?
-block parties?
-block parent-houses (known/advertised safe houses in the neighborhood)?
-phone-tree to help with crisis prevention/response (instead of la policia)
-limitation of language (none of us speak Spanish)
-difficult to have a meaningful/engaged conversation with strangers
-how to phrase intentions (flyers?/clipboard with pen?/freshly baked cookies?...)

-we're going to make a more conscious effort to greet the folks in the neighborhood
-talk to two neighbors per day in our respective neighborhoods
-G will start a phone-tree of folks living nearby
-engage in conversations with neighbors and compile a list of concerns
-no clipboard!
-different strategies for different neighborhoods (approaching people on the street vs. door to door)

Next Steps
-start saying hi and introducing ourselves to neighbors immediately
-G growing a phone-tree
-connect interested parties to a community garden project in the Beach Flats neighborhood
-B will check out and possibly start volunteering at the Beach Flats community center
-connect and check-in in about a week or so

That's what we have, simple and beautiful. Let us know if you need anymore info.


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