The Values We Share

Brainstorm about our values, (some shared and some unique) to find our shared views.  We start from here rather than assuming anything.

  • Autonomy
  • self reliant
  • Honesty
  • free-expression/protection and respect for it
  • trust
  • Genuine
  • Transparency
  • accountability
  • DIY
  • spontaneity
  • mutual support (the support you offer your fellows)
  • Solidarity (support for those people over there)
  • Courage
  • empathy
  • creativity


Joe said...

I believe Non Violence is an important part of this group, where does it fit in; values, strategies, premises?

Bob Elderberry said...

I think many of the people in the community safety workgroup would agree with you. We are agreed that we'd like to see a world without coercive control. And some of the tools we've talked about include Non-violent Communication (NVC) and Restorative Justice, both two conflict resolution strategies. Please come to the next meeting in September.

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