Workgroup: Crisis Response Team

One vision- team of ppl who can respond to crisises small and large. not necessarily responsible for dealing w/it, more with helping you get the resources you need to solve your own problems.

Alternative to 911! when ya need something like that, but don't want the cops to come too. More like a starting point to get the support ppl need.

A phone tree of sorts, to get ppl help they need when they just need ppl too. someone to talk to, if needed. someone to intercede. A lot of potential issues.

person who has connections and resources, on call.

especially info about accountability, how to get emergency health care, triage!

Importance of someone being on call, and having a phone tree whenever possible. Triage, with someone able to direct the ppl to the needed resources

Fires, earthquakes, etc?

people flippin? Are they all the same with different scale?

concern about hierarchy of technology? Potential for radio communication rather than relying on phone infrastructure. not point-topoint like phone, therefore more flexible.

Defining scope of crises- murder? road service?

Defining access- is this everyone? Just our friends?

also- Immediate needs or more longterm?

Knowledge! How does one handle someone who is suicidal? Resources! How does one pay for that taxi rather than ambulance? How do we keep the phoneline alive?

concern about the idea of having to have an operator- having to have someone there all the time--

idea: other communities with similar framework already in place? How can we pass this along to other communities? (develop toolset to share with others)

Getting knowledge from other more specialized groups, then making it more accessible as we learn it (making zines, making a handbook)

Also, secure database of ppl involved in the project, and what they can deal with/have knowledge about.

distributed automated phone system (a 'customer service' type system to direct calls more specifically, rather than have a permanent operator to do the directing.

Maybe emergency response ideas- central meeting place in case of disaster, provide enough structure to help other coalesce their own supprt


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