These are the shared premises of the class:

  • Everyone desires safety and security (even if we disagree about strategy and threats)
  • We want to work collaboratively. We are here to find solutions together.  
  • We are looking for solutions outside of institutional ones. We solve problems ourselves.  That is, we won't spend time discussing the merits of going to city council to ask them to reprioritize their budget.
  • We are not a service or an institution; we enable people and communities to provide for their own safety. 
  • We believe in transparency.  We document everything we do.  We want people to be able to learn from our process and replicate our work as needed in every town that desires a world without cops.
  • We are here to listen to each other.  We give each other space for people to talk and participate.  Step up, step back.  
  • We are committed.  
  • We are here to act.  
  • What we are wanting is possible and desirable. 


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