Workgroup Notes: Community Safety Workgroup 17 March 2011

Check-in from participants

Alternatives to police, good ideas, integrating with community better, want safety like TBSC (with different tactics), Appreciation for this class, has seen changes over the years and fear of TBSC vigilantes, interest in practical ideas to replace police, anarchism through making redundant the organs of the state. Woo!

Facilitator's Intro

Facilitator wants to stay nimble, be open to new ways of talking about these things.

Motivation: Hears, what would we do w/o police? Wouldn't thugs rule? But they already do, with their badges. What to do w/o cops, realistically? And how do we provide the good stuff w/o the bad? (avoid the phrase "community policing")

Facilitator's Bottomline

These are the shared premises of the class.  See Premises here.

Our Vision for a World of Community Safety

Brainstorm about a world w/o police, where people provide for each others' safety.  See Vision here.

The Values We Share

Brainstorm about our values, (some shared and some unique) to find our shared views.  We start from here rather than assuming anything.  See Values here.

The Challenges We Face (What are the big pieces of this?)

A brainstorm about the large challenges we face.  The numbers is parenthesis represent the results of a straw poll:  "Which of these things do you consider a priority to work on, something you are willing to put energy into, and potentially has attainable results?"  See Challenges here.

Small Group Work

We gathered into small groups based on the challenges we saw were important and achievable.  We were tasked to look at the following aspects of the big piece that we grabbed:

  1. Goals
  2. Roadblocks
  3. Strategy
  4. Deadlines & next steps


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